#ootd going shopping todayyy 😁 today my teacher pulled me aside and said that she was reading the essays we had to turn in last week and mine was the best one she’s read in a long time 😱😄 it made me really happy bcuz while I’m quite confident in my essay writing skills I always stress after turning in the first essay to a teacher I’ve never had before since teachers usually expect slightly different things, but it guess I didn’t need to worry! 😅
Anonymous: it's from spongebob. squidward said it 

did he?? a couple ppl said it’s from oitnb but i could honestly see squidward saying that lol. 

thanks for explaining it!

Anonymous: it's from oitnb 

ohh i don’t watch that show so that would explain why i was lost haha 

thanks for explaining it :]