strawberries // mint by J the B on Flickr.
#ootd special thanks to @nbholastyle for tagging me! Here’s 20 fun facts about moi 😘 1. I’m an only child.                          2. I’m going into my third year of college 🙊.                                       3. I grew up in Arizona but recently moved to San Jose.               4. I had allergies to a lot of things including animals so I was never allowed to get real pets, but I did get some tiny sea frogs when I was around 10! They were cute but died one by one pretty quick haha.                                                 5. I used to work at Abercrombie and Fitch.                                          6. I used to have 11 ear piercings, 9 on one ear going all the way up the cartilage.                                     7. I used to be super shy but once I realized no one knows the perfect thing to say all the time and everyone feels insecure sometimes, I’ve come out of my shell a bit 😊.                                 8. I did a semester of cheer my junior year of highschool. Worst. Semester. Of my life.                          9. I’m a cancer and it fits me perfectly haha.                                   10. I’ve had my own online business since I was 16.                    11. I used to have the biggest crush on James Franco 😍.              12. I’m 5’2 (im a shorty I know lol 😂).                                                   13. I run 3-5 times a week either on the treadmill or outside on trails.14. I have a lot of short term fave bands but my all time favorite is Kings of Convenience.                      15. I used to be super into kpop but now I’m mainly just a fan of exo ❤️. 16. I’m super close with my parents (maybe bcuz I’m the only child lolol). 17. I started my one month no shopping thing (inspired by @fashi_addict ) yesterday and already broke it buying a flannel at forever 21 today 😂😅.                        18. My favorite movie is Fantastic Mr Fox. 19. My character from Harry potter is Draco Malfoy hands down I actually plan on naming my first-born after him. 20. My Instagram followers are my fave social media followers like I love u all so much and I always feel loved when I come on here 😊❤️😊 (at 🎶Sun - Two Door Cinema Club)
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